Urea Pumping System

ESI – Urea pumping system is designed to provide generator urea dosing equipment with a constant pressure urea supply at any consumption rate from 0 to 5 GPM. Fail safe design ensures a constant discharge pressure to the building urea system header through a 25 to 75 PSI adjustable pressure regulator.

System Description

  • The Urea Pumping System is an enclosed, pad mounted design suitable for installation outdoors in non- weather protected applications. The pumping system is designed for constant pressure delivery of urea at variable flow with a maximum of 5 GPM.
  • The control package is a custom designed for ALC controls and facility integration. Has an incoming power requirements for all operation: 208VAC; 60 Hz; 3 Ph; 40A; 4-wire.

The products and processes developed by ESI are focused on providing our clients with the utmost safety and security while managing the cost of ownership.  Our systems are designed to meet and exceed all industry specifications.

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