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Clean Fuel Systems™ for Marine
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Our original, patented Clean Fuel System has been the engineered choice for yacht owners for over 15 years and is now standard equipment or a standard option with 20 yacht builders. Our experienced, degreed engineers and marine industry veterans can help you customize any installation and fulfill engine room design for installers. Our “packaged-system” approach combines unique-in-class components that actively and continuously attack and eliminate the three elements of fuel contamination: water, microbes (or "bugs") and sediment. For instance, our filtration system is not just a filter, but a specially-housed, pleated device that filters down to an industry-leading 2 microns. Our separation vessel separates rather than absorbs water, eliminating 99.9% of water in the system and readying the waste for clean removal. And our advanced De-bug™ magnetic array permanently removes yeast, algae, fungi and other organisms in a way that is both highly effective and environmentally friendly (no chemical biocides). A continuous-duty, high flow pump agitates tank contaminants, allowing them no place to hide in our system.




The CFS-1000 SERIES offers a wide range of benefits to your vessel.


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"Our customers are looking for the best quality and a reasonable price. ESI meets our customers needs because, quite simply, their systems work! Secondly, we know every system on the market and there is no question with ESI as to how the fuel is being cleaned and processed. ESI's systems are well-built and easy to operate.  It's a great product, it works, and we enjoy selling and installing them for our customers. There is nothing better than installing something for a customer and then it does what you say it will do. I can't remember any failures with an ESI system."

- Mike Klineman, Coast to Coast Marine Diesel

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"We have a Kady-Krogen 48-foot North Sea and the ESI system came as standard equipment when we purchased it about a year ago. I've also trusted ESI in previous Krogens. We've looked at all the other products out there and what makes ESI different is the level of engineering, layout and functionality. We trust them now, in the past and for years to come."


- Will Parry

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"We are a semi-custom builder and 90% of the boats we sell are single-engine. We install the CFS 1000 as standard equipment on every boat we build because that type of confidence is completely essential on a single-engine boat. Most of our customers are "do-it-yourselfers" and don't have crews. They want to know that the threat of fuel-related failure is eliminated, especially when they go on a long trip. Having the confidence to run a boat with a single-engine is paramount to that type of customer. The ESI system helps me give my customers the confidence they need to be able to cross the ocean if they want to. Because we're a custom builder, we are really selling a dream to potential buyers at a boat show. Those buyers need the confidence to know they can operate the equipment themselves and eliminate any dangers of engine failure. Simply put...ESI's Clean Fuel System helps me sell the dream." 


- Kevin Frawley, Selene Florida

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"ESI's system is a very practical system for anyone who has a sizable investment in fuel or a boat. I was originally attracted to ESI because the technology makes it a common sense choice for someone like me. I have a 62-foot, single-engine Northern Marine long range trawler with Cummins 855. I carry 3,400 gallons of diesel fuel in three tanks.  Before I make a run, I simply set the ESI system to automatically polish all my fuel and I know the investment is protected either in storage or while in use." 


- Bruce Kessler


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Why ESI is the Leader in the Fuel Polishing Industry



  • Over 400 Million Gallons of Fuel Polished Worldwide
  • 15+ Years of Field Tested Equipment with No Fuel Failures
  • Industry Defining Patented Technology
  • Philosophy of Customer-Driven Innovation & Improvement
  • Complete End to End Solutions with Value Added Services

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