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Did you know most yacht engine failures are fuel related?

An ESI Clean Fuel System™ provides safety and security each time you leave shore by protecting against:

red_checkmark Water
red_checkmark Microbes
red_checkmark Sediment

CFS1000 fuel polishing system for yachts

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ESI is a leader in the fuel polishing industry.
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As a boat owner, you never want to be stranded offshore; and engine failure from poor fuel quality is the #1 reason vessels are stranded. ESI engineers have taken the same technology that provides fuel filtration for our critical power customers and developed industry leading marine solutions. At ESI, we provide safety and security by offering fuel polishing systems for marine vessels that protects against contamination from water, microbes and sediment.


ESI systems can be installed in new vessels or custom designed by one of our engineers to fit an existing engine room design. Do you want a system that is easy to use and that is guaranteed to prevent engine shut-down on your yacht? Tell your builder/dealer to contact an ESI engineer for comprehensive installation guidance regarding our Clean Fuel System™ before it's too late!


ESI Total Fuel Managment

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Why ESI is the Leader in the Fuel Polishing Industry



  • Over 400 Million Gallons of Fuel Polished Worldwide
  • 15+ Years of Field Tested Equipment with No Fuel Failures
  • Industry Defining Patented Technology
  • Philosophy of Customer-Driven Innovation & Improvement
  • Complete End to End Solutions with Value Added Services

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