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How do you guarantee squeaky-clean fuel?

An ESI Clean Fuel System™ provides safety and security each time you leave shore by protecting against:

red_checkmark Water
red_checkmark Microbes
red_checkmark Sediment

CFS1000 fuel polishing system for yachts

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ESI is a leader in the fuel polishing industry.
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Hear about ESI from Selene Yachts!

"Try an ESI Total Fuel Management fuel-polishing system like the one we’re installing on Arawak, our 1996 Grand Banks project boat down in the U.S Virgin islands" (Captain Bill Pike, Power & Motoryacht magazine, Dec. 2014)


"To be more specific, Arawak’s CFS1000FRE fuelpolishing unit will remove…all particulate matter down to an exceptionally fine 2 microns; will separate (versus aboarb) 99.95% of all water,both free and emulsified; and will permanently nix all yeasts, algae, fungi, and other organisms via a De-Bug L-1000 multi-magnetic array." (Captain Bill Pike, Power & Motoryacht magazine, Dec. 2014)


ESI systems can be installed in new vessels or custom designed by one of our engineers to fit an existing engine room design. Do you want a system that is easy to use and that is guaranteed to prevent engine shut-down on your yacht? Tell your builder/dealer to contact an ESI engineer for comprehensive installation guidance regarding our Clean Fuel System™ before it's too late!


ESI Total Fuel Managment

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Why ESI is the Leader in the Fuel Polishing Industry



  • Over 400 Million Gallons of Fuel Polished Worldwide
  • 15+ Years of Field Tested Equipment with No Fuel Failures
  • Industry Defining Patented Technology
  • Philosophy of Customer-Driven Innovation & Improvement
  • Complete End to End Solutions with Value Added Services

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