ESI Systems Are The Most Reliable Diesel Fuel Polishing Systems in the World

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Alexander C. Marcus

Founder and Managing Director, ESI Total Fuel Management

Vice President, Total Fuel Management Services, Inc.

Geschäftsführer, ESI Environmental Solutions Deutschland, GmbH


  • Internationally recognized expert in diesel fuel filtration processes in critical power applications
  • Inventor of ESI’s Clean Fuel System™, the most reliable diesel fuel polishing system on the market
  • Professional experience in ship design work with the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and more than a decade with Mobil Oil Corporation in both fuels and lubricants


  • Consultative design expert for infrastructural strategic designs and planning of critical power systems
  • Experienced in critical power fuel system management in data center installations; municipal utility infrastructure, health care centers, military installations, large financial institutions, and other large scale operations where fail-safe reliability is key to protecting lives and assets


Alex Marcus is the inventor of the patented Clean Fuel System™, a market-changing diesel fuel filtration system that introduced diesel “fuel polishing” to the standby power industry over 15 years ago. In addition, Alex has 30 years experience in the fuel industry, and key ESI management combine for over 70 years of experience, bringing a wide range of critical power expertise from all facets of the field: marine engineering, naval architecture, fuels and lubricants, fuel distribution, logistics and supply, inventory management and scheduling, and product management. Being an equipment manufacturer and service solutions provider in nearly every fuel-related critical power and marine environment has enabled ESI to transfer an unprecedented 360-view of all available competitive equipment and service offerings to its own product development and service platforms, creating a continuous process for improving ESI capabilities and equipment (now in its fourth generation of fail-proof service). As a fuel supplier, ESI’s decades of managerial experience in logistics and fuel management provide a value-added dimension not available with other equipment providers, making ESI Total Fuel Management the only end-to-end fuel quality manager with its own patented filtration process – plus access to critical diesel fuel supplies during times of natural or man-made disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina.

In 2005, ESI’s combined managerial expertise in fuel supply logistics enabled ESI to guarantee and deliver a steady flow of diesel fuel during Hurricanes Wilma, Katrina and Rita across five Gulf states, ensuring quality backup diesel generator fuel and un-interrupted power to critical business and emergency operations staffed by FEMA and the military, such as universities, hospitals, military bases, NASA space center (AL), municipal buildings, and many other critical assets. This understanding of the fuel delivery supply chain is unique among companies who provide fuel polishing products and provides value-added expertise and service when and where customers need it most.


State University of New York Maritime College

B.E., Naval Architecture / Marine Engineering


Diesel Fuel Polishing, Diesel Fuel System Management, Critical Power Management, Diesel Fuel Supply, Standby Power Reliability




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If you have any questions, comments, or to discuss your fuel system needs or problems with a fuel management engineer, please contact ESI Total Fuel Management:
USA:1-800-411-3284, Internationally: +1-703-263-7600, email:


ESI Total Fuel Managment

Ashburn, VA * Hannover, Germany


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Corporate Headquarters:

20099 Ashbrook Place, Suite 170
Ashburn, VA 20147



Toll Free: 800-411-3284
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Why ESI is the Leader in the Fuel Polishing Industry



  • Over 400 Million Gallons of Fuel Polished Worldwide
  • 15+ Years of Field Tested Equipment with No Fuel Failures
  • Industry Defining Patented Technology
  • Philosophy of Customer-Driven Innovation & Improvement
  • Complete End to End Solutions with Value Added Services

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